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  1. Photo of Joze Gale

    Joze Gale Director

  2. Photo of Ivica Vidović

    Ivica Vidović Cast

  3. Photo of Jasna Andronja

    Jasna Andronja Cast

  4. Photo of Joze Zupan

    Joze Zupan Cast

  5. Photo of Janez Skof

    Janez Skof Cast

  6. Photo of Janez Eržen

    Janez Eržen Cast

  7. Photo of Andrej Nahtigal

    Andrej Nahtigal Cast

  8. Photo of Boris Cavazza

    Boris Cavazza Cast

  9. Photo of Milena Zupančič

    Milena Zupančič Cast

  10. Photo of Boris Juh

    Boris Juh Cast

  11. Photo of Mirko Bogataj

    Mirko Bogataj Cast

  12. Photo of Slavka Glavina

    Slavka Glavina Cast

  13. Photo of Fanika Podobnikar

    Fanika Podobnikar Cast

  14. Photo of Alenka Svetel

    Alenka Svetel Cast

  15. Photo of Andrej Ristič

    Andrej Ristič Cast