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  1. Photo of Emin Alper

    Emin Alper Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Tamer Levent

    Tamer Levent Cast

  3. Photo of Reha Özcan

    Reha Özcan Cast

  4. Photo of Mehmet Özgur

    Mehmet Özgur Cast

  5. Photo of Berk Hakman

    Berk Hakman Cast

  6. Photo of Furkan Berk Kiran

    Furkan Berk Kiran Cast

  7. Photo of Banu Fotocan

    Banu Fotocan Cast

  8. Photo of Sercan Gümüş

    Sercan Gümüş Cast

  9. Photo of Şevval Kuş

    Şevval Kuş Cast

  10. Photo of George Chiper

    George Chiper Cinematography

  11. Photo of Volkan Akmehmet

    Volkan Akmehmet Music

  12. Photo of Inanç Şanver

    Inanç Şanver Music

  13. Photo of Ismail Durmaz

    Ismail Durmaz Production Design

  14. Photo of Enis Köstepen

    Enis Köstepen Producer

  15. Photo of Seyfi Teoman

    Seyfi Teoman Producer

  16. Photo of Nikos Moutselos

    Nikos Moutselos Producer

  17. Photo of Özcan Vardar

    Özcan Vardar Editing

  18. Photo of George Faskiotis

    George Faskiotis Sound