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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Blumes's rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    “Alright, this is getting too complicated.”

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    Notons au passage que cette comédie fort drôle et bouffonne où l'érotisme et la sexualité jouent un rôle important, n'est jamais vulgaire...

  3. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    A must-see for any die-hard Altman fan. It drove me insane, but everything about this film is love-hate.

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    A DVD zone NYC only. There's nothing really universal in this production hence it doesn't interest me. People talking about things maybe relevant to them but totally unworthy to be passed on to posterity. Already forgotten.

  5. P.P.'s rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    Cant decide whose performance I loved more - Christopher Guest or Glenda Jackson. Brilliant.

  6. itstheresomewhere's rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    Completely bonkers, completely great. And I'm completely in love with Julie Hagerty

  7. TeN's rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    Feeling the need to add my 2 cents after seeing the shockingly low rating this has gotten. A Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Guest, Julie Hagerty love triangle? What's not to love?! A madcap send-up of New Yorkian neurosis. Less "stagy" than Altman's other play adaptations. Also one of the few straight up comedies he ever made, and much much funnier in that regard than OC & Stiggs, Health, and even (arguably) A Wedding.

  8. Eugene Kotlyarenko's rating of the film Beyond Therapy

    This movie is grossly underrated. All of the criticisms that were once-leveled at it seem utterly irrelevant now. It's probably the best movie from Altman's play adaptation 80s. I even prefer it to the staid, one-note joke of Secret Honor. At least this one-note joke has a doesn't take itself very seriously. Truly high-level farce and Altman's visual/aural language in full effect. Top 10 Altman.