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  1. 587884's rating of the film Beyond

    Still not at all that convinced of Rapace's method - or the way she is directed.

  2. affasf's rating of the film Beyond

  3. pivic's rating of the film Beyond

    Jarvis Cocker once sang that we become our parents' parents. And what if you grow up with raging alcoholics as such? This is one covered-up wound that gets a prodding finger on it, as the estranged, alcoholic mother is suddenly revealed to be dying. Great child actors, especially Tehilla Blad. Uncovering, cathartic yet a bit too in-your-face, it's still recommendable.

  4. Les films du miroir magique's rating of the film Beyond

    Noomi Rapace très touchante dans ce drame familial.

  5. piailonka's rating of the film Beyond

    It's impossible to stay indifferent to this film. Very strong performances by Noomi Rapace and Tehilla Blad.

  6. cineaster's rating of the film Beyond

    Faire un film aux couleurs de fêtes d'alcooliques: sang, pisse, merde, pleurs. Très bien pensé, écrit et joué.

  7. Kurt Öhrström's rating of the film Beyond

    This film is not so good. It fails in many ways like unintresting characters and a very unfocused and boring story. She had a tough childhood it not much more. 2/5.