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  1. Photo of Sergei Eisenstein

    Sergei Eisenstein Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Isaak Babel

    Isaak Babel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aleksandr Rzheshevsky

    Aleksandr Rzheshevsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ivan Turgenev

    Ivan Turgenev Screenplay

  5. Photo of V. Ya. Babitsky

    V. Ya. Babitsky Producer

  6. Photo of Boris Shumyatskiy

    Boris Shumyatskiy Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Gavriil Popov

    Gavriil Popov Music

  8. Photo of Vladimir Nilsen

    Vladimir Nilsen Cinematography

  9. Photo of Eduard Tisse

    Eduard Tisse Cinematography

  10. Photo of Aleksei Utkin

    Aleksei Utkin Production Design

  11. Photo of Arnold Vaisfeld

    Arnold Vaisfeld Production Design

  12. Photo of Vladimir Bogdankevich

    Vladimir Bogdankevich Sound

  13. Photo of Viktor Kartashov

    Viktor Kartashov Cast

  14. Photo of Nikolai Khmelyov

    Nikolai Khmelyov Cast

  15. Photo of Pyotr Arzhanov

    Pyotr Arzhanov Cast

  16. Photo of Yekaterina Teleshova

    Yekaterina Teleshova Cast

  17. Photo of Nikolai Maslov

    Nikolai Maslov Cast

  18. Photo of Yakov Zajtsev

    Yakov Zajtsev Cast

  19. Photo of Stanislav Rostotsky

    Stanislav Rostotsky Cast

  20. Photo of Boris Zakhava

    Boris Zakhava Cast