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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Koji Takeda

    Koji Takeda Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Takashi Nishimura

    Takashi Nishimura Producer

  4. Photo of Yutaka Suzuki

    Yutaka Suzuki Producer

  5. Photo of Hisashi Saito

    Hisashi Saito Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hiroyuki Kitazawa

    Hiroyuki Kitazawa Cinematography

  7. Photo of Hajime Ishihara

    Hajime Ishihara Editing

  8. Photo of Takuji Suzuki

    Takuji Suzuki Production Design

  9. Photo of Yoshiaki Kitamura

    Yoshiaki Kitamura Sound

  10. Photo of Taku Iwasa

    Taku Iwasa Sound

  11. Photo of Great Riches

    Great Riches Music

  12. Photo of Bobo Rabujiro

    Bobo Rabujiro Music

  13. Photo of Masahiro Sugiyama

    Masahiro Sugiyama Cast

  14. Photo of Hiromi Kawanishi

    Hiromi Kawanishi Cast

  15. Photo of Hiroko Yamamoto

    Hiroko Yamamoto Cast

  16. Photo of Ryosuke Yamamichi

    Ryosuke Yamamichi Cast

  17. Photo of Yôko Takagi

    Yôko Takagi Cast

  18. Photo of Izumi Sono

    Izumi Sono Cast

  19. Photo of Tsuyoshi Makino

    Tsuyoshi Makino Cast

  20. Photo of Otomi Sono

    Otomi Sono Cast

  21. Photo of Noboru Iguchi

    Noboru Iguchi Cast

  22. Photo of Katsuyuki Hirano

    Katsuyuki Hirano Cast