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  1. Photo of Vittorio De Sica

    Vittorio De Sica Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Cesare Zavattini

    Cesare Zavattini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gerardo Guerrieri

    Gerardo Guerrieri Screenplay

  5. Photo of Oreste Biancoli

    Oreste Biancoli Screenplay

  6. Photo of Adolfo Franci

    Adolfo Franci Screenplay

  7. Photo of Gherardo Gherardi

    Gherardo Gherardi Screenplay

  8. Photo of Luigi Bartolini

    Luigi Bartolini Novel

  9. Photo of Lamberto Maggiorani

    Lamberto Maggiorani Cast

  10. Photo of Enzo Staiola

    Enzo Staiola Cast

  11. Photo of Lianella Carell

    Lianella Carell Cast

  12. Photo of Gino Saltamerenda

    Gino Saltamerenda Cast

  13. Photo of Vittorio Antonucci

    Vittorio Antonucci Cast

  14. Photo of Giulio Chiari

    Giulio Chiari Cast

  15. Photo of Elena Altieri

    Elena Altieri Cast

  16. Photo of Michele Sakara

    Michele Sakara Cast

  17. Photo of Fausto Guerzoni

    Fausto Guerzoni Cast

  18. Photo of Giulio Battiferri

    Giulio Battiferri Cast

  19. Photo of Nando Bruno

    Nando Bruno Cast

  20. Photo of Eolo Capritti

    Eolo Capritti Cast

  21. Photo of Memmo Carotenuto

    Memmo Carotenuto Cast

  22. Photo of Sergio Leone

    Sergio Leone Cast

  23. Photo of Mario Meniconi

    Mario Meniconi Cast

  24. Photo of Checco Rissone

    Checco Rissone Cast

  25. Photo of Umberto Spadaro

    Umberto Spadaro Cast

  26. Photo of Aldo Fabrizi

    Aldo Fabrizi Voice

  27. Photo of Alberto Sordi

    Alberto Sordi Voice

  28. Photo of Carlo Montuori

    Carlo Montuori Cinematography

  29. Photo of Alessandro Cicognini

    Alessandro Cicognini Music

  30. Photo of Giuseppe Cioffi

    Giuseppe Cioffi Music

  31. Photo of Willy Ferrero

    Willy Ferrero Music

  32. Photo of Antonio Traverso

    Antonio Traverso Production Design

  33. Photo of Giuseppe Amato

    Giuseppe Amato Producer

  34. Photo of Umberto Scarpelli

    Umberto Scarpelli Producer

  35. Photo of Nino Misiano

    Nino Misiano Producer

  36. Photo of Eraldo Da Roma

    Eraldo Da Roma Editing

  37. Photo of Gino Fiorelli

    Gino Fiorelli Sound

  38. Photo of Bruno Brunacci

    Bruno Brunacci Sound