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  1. The Unwitting Philosopher's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    There are many questions without answers, one of them being whether it is wrong to steal in order to give. This Robin Hood dilemma plays out poetically in Vittorio De Sica's "Bicycle Thieves".

  2. Walker's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

  3. Kuja's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    So many unforgettable scenes! A highlight is when cyclists from Giro d'Italia (I think) pass by our tragic hero...

  4. B o g d a n's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    82/100 (İkinci kez izledim. Hırsıza koca Roma'da iki kez denk gelmesi ve daha ilk iş gününde bisikleti kaptırması dışında senaryo çok iyi sayılır. Önceden izlediğimde senaryo daha kötü gelmişti. Hatta görüntü yönetimi berbat gelmişti ama şimdi izleyince o amatörlüğe iyi uyum sağladığını düşünüyorum. Her neyse bu filmin önemli bir derdi var bence. Çok konuşmaya gerek yok, filmin sonu konuşuyor zaten.)

  6. Rocco's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Likely the finest example of Italian neorealism, and an exercise in the use of a simple setup to explore both the micro (characters and their emotions) and the macro (economic depression and its societal effects). The word “masterful” is bandied about too often, but it applies here.

  7. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    The 30s-60s of world cinema had a wave of films which ultra-romanticised the working class: Metropolis, Charlie Chaplin’s films, Satyajit Ray’s films, mother India, mouchette, man with a movie camera etc. So did Italian cinema: bicycle thieves. I love how tragedy has been depicted with such irony!

  8. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    With this captivating and also uncomfortable portrait of post-war social reality Vittorio De Sica delivered a timeless masterpiece and one of the best films of Italian neorealistic cinema. Cinematography, dramaturgy and storytelling are still stunning, In addition, Alessandro Cicognini wrote one of his strongest scores for the movie.

  9. riraru's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Sehr trockene Poesie. Und immer noch überraschend aktuelle Zwickmühlen, in denen die armen Leute da stecken. Ansonsten sieht Rom ohne Autos herrlich aus.

  10. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    La grande simplicité dramatique de ce film repose à la fois sur la force de la banalité morale de son propos, le magnétisme incroyable des acteurs et ce mélange de plans entre ampleur et intimisme. On pense à Chaplin sans l'humour et avec plus d'engagement de la part de De Sica, qui signe une merveilleuse ode à la résignation des démunis.

  11. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Kid's performance is hard to forget.

  12. JCPJD's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    My, I found this film absolutely, remorselessly, mind-numbingly boring. I'm sure it's an essential classic - but was I disappointed. It's the Italian version of that all too real, hard-core miserablist kitchen-sink drama. The 'ending', which I'm sure drives grown men to tears - made me laugh, and not even that much.

  13. simona dumitriu's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

  14. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    4.5 stars. Less realist and more fabulist that its designation as 'neorealist' would imply, but the two central performances are so emotionally convincing that you only feel whatsoever manipulated in retrospect [in this way, it reminds me of Ghibli's 'Grave of the Fireflies']. I wonder if it's an especially male thing to do, but I couldn't help but read my relationship with my own dad into the film. Weepily sincere.

  15. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Sad but fun that seeing little things can change everything

  16. dionysus67's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Its rudimentary plot functions as a phenomenological act of disclosing the essence of human existence in a masterfuly lit and photographed (re)presentation of the human world itself. Human solitude is effortlessly suspended in De Sica's superlative sense of motility, which captures the deeper and fundamental solidarity between humans as well as the painful realization that this may no longer exist. Sheer masterpiece!

  17. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Like a shaggy dog version of Kurosawa's 'Stray Dog', 'Bicycle Thieves' is an understated articulation of issues accompanying life in Italy's post-war economic depression. It also reminds me a bit of 'M' in the way it lays out why someone could completely and utterly fail to overcome the criminal element in a crowded city. I can see why it meant so much to the Italian neorealist movement.

  18. ninchok's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    The fact that none of the actors really were actors makes this beautiful film even more beautiful.

  19. Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

  20. FISCHER's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    Classique des classiques de l'école néo-réaliste italienne, le film n'a perdu ni de son émotion diffuse ni de son limpide constat social d'après-guerre...

  21. Ben Nash's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    De Sica has an important political point to make, and the child is absolutely incredible, but I find myself feeling that there's not much else other than that.

  22. yovargas's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    A thoughtful, kind-hearted, deeply compassionate movie about the plight of the common man that is also, well, kinda boring. It has some really nice moments but a lot of it feels a bit flat to me, lacking that certain punch or panache it needed to win me over. A movie I can respect, while not especially enjoying. It gets a B-.

  23. Aardsy's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    It's very simple to break one's heart.

  24. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Bicycle Thieves

    The face of Italian cinema/neorealism and deservingly so, following a father and son on a quest to make ends meet with the help of a bicycle but all goes array when said bicycle is stolen and the father attempts to steal another. A profoundly touching film with a most notable child performance by a non-actor.

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