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  1. Photo of Jim Wynorski

    Jim Wynorski Screenplay, Director Cast

  2. Photo of Angie Dickinson

    Angie Dickinson Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Culp

    Robert Culp Cast

  4. Photo of Danielle Brisebois

    Danielle Brisebois Cast

  5. Photo of Julie McCullough

    Julie McCullough Cast

  6. Photo of Jeff Yagher

    Jeff Yagher Cast

  7. Photo of Bruce Glover

    Bruce Glover Cast

  8. Photo of Ebbe Roe Smith

    Ebbe Roe Smith Cast

  9. Photo of Jacque Lynn Colton

    Jacque Lynn Colton Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Cyphers

    Charles Cyphers Cast

  11. Photo of Nick LaTour

    Nick LaTour Cast

  12. Photo of R.J. Robertson

    R.J. Robertson Cast and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Robert C. New

    Robert C. New Cinematography

  14. Photo of Chuck Cirino

    Chuck Cirino Music

  15. Photo of Peter Knowlton

    Peter Knowlton Production Design

  16. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  17. Photo of Matt Leipzig

    Matt Leipzig Producer

  18. Photo of Lois Luger

    Lois Luger Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Noah Blough

    Noah Blough Editing

  20. Photo of Nancy Nuttall

    Nancy Nuttall Editing

  21. Photo of Vicki Graef

    Vicki Graef Costume Design

  22. Photo of Ron Trost

    Ron Trost Special Effects