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  1. Photo of Sun Chung

    Sun Chung Director

  2. Photo of Chen Ping

    Chen Ping Cast

  3. Photo of Wang Chung

    Wang Chung Cast

  4. Photo of Susan Yam-Yam Shaw

    Susan Yam-Yam Shaw Cast

  5. Photo of Li Chuang

    Li Chuang Cast

  6. Photo of Wang Hsieh

    Wang Hsieh Cast

  7. Photo of Ku Kuan-chung

    Ku Kuan-chung Cast

  8. Photo of Chen Kuan Tai

    Chen Kuan Tai Cast

  9. Photo of Kwok Kuen Chan

    Kwok Kuen Chan Cast

  10. Photo of Lap Ban Chan

    Lap Ban Chan Cast

  11. Photo of Chen Ti-ko

    Chen Ti-ko Cast

  12. Photo of Cheung Chok-Chow

    Cheung Chok-Chow Cast

  13. Photo of Chi Yi-Hsiung

    Chi Yi-Hsiung Cast

  14. Photo of Chiang Chuen

    Chiang Chuen Cast

  15. Photo of Han Chiang

    Han Chiang Cast

  16. Photo of Ko Ai Chiang

    Ko Ai Chiang Cast