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  1. Photo of Jerzy Passendorfer

    Jerzy Passendorfer Director

  2. Photo of Ludwik Starski

    Ludwik Starski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Magdalena Zawadzka

    Magdalena Zawadzka Cast

  4. Photo of Jerzy Turek

    Jerzy Turek Cast

  5. Photo of Irena Szramowska

    Irena Szramowska Cast

  6. Photo of Wienczyslaw Glinski

    Wienczyslaw Glinski Cast

  7. Photo of Wieslaw Michnikowski

    Wieslaw Michnikowski Cast

  8. Photo of Aleksander Dzwonkowski

    Aleksander Dzwonkowski Cast

  9. Photo of Zofia Czerwinska

    Zofia Czerwinska Cast

  10. Photo of Zofia Jamry

    Zofia Jamry Cast

  11. Photo of Jerzy Karaszkiewicz

    Jerzy Karaszkiewicz Cast

  12. Photo of Marian Lacz

    Marian Lacz Cast

  13. Photo of Jarema Stepowski

    Jarema Stepowski Cast