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  1. Photo of Fredrik Gertten

    Fredrik Gertten Director

  2. Photo of Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera Self

  3. Photo of Alfonso Allende

    Alfonso Allende Self

  4. Photo of Arvid Jurjaks

    Arvid Jurjaks Self

  5. Photo of Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson Self

  6. Photo of Bernt Hermele

    Bernt Hermele Self

  7. Photo of Charlotte Lundgren

    Charlotte Lundgren Self

  8. Photo of Dan Koeppel

    Dan Koeppel Self

  9. Photo of David Magdael

    David Magdael Self

  10. Photo of Dawn Hudson

    Dawn Hudson Self

  11. Photo of Juan J. Dominguez

    Juan J. Dominguez Self

  12. Photo of Ken Silverstein

    Ken Silverstein Self

  13. Photo of Lars Åström

    Lars Åström Self

  14. Photo of Lincoln Bandlow

    Lincoln Bandlow Self

  15. Photo of Luciano Astudillo

    Luciano Astudillo Self

  16. Photo of Margarete Jangård

    Margarete Jangård Self and Producer

  17. Photo of Mats Johansson

    Mats Johansson Self

  18. Photo of Michael Carter

    Michael Carter Self

  19. Photo of Mikael Wiehe

    Mikael Wiehe Self

  20. Photo of Joseph Aguirre

    Joseph Aguirre Cinematography

  21. Photo of Kiki Allgeier

    Kiki Allgeier Cinematography

  22. Photo of Stefan Berg

    Stefan Berg Cinematography

  23. Photo of Joakim Demmer

    Joakim Demmer Cinematography

  24. Photo of Malin Korkeasalo

    Malin Korkeasalo Cinematography

  25. Photo of Gabriel Noguez

    Gabriel Noguez Cinematography

  26. Photo of Frank Pineda

    Frank Pineda Cinematography

  27. Photo of Sasha Snow

    Sasha Snow Cinematography

  28. Photo of Jason Wawro

    Jason Wawro Cinematography

  29. Photo of Dan Gisen Malmquist

    Dan Gisen Malmquist Music

  30. Photo of Conny Malmqvist

    Conny Malmqvist Music

  31. Photo of Benjamin Binderup

    Benjamin Binderup Editing

  32. Photo of Jesper Osmund

    Jesper Osmund Editing and Self