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  1. Photo of John Kricfalusi

    John Kricfalusi Director, Cast, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Billy West

    Billy West Cast

  3. Photo of Henry Porch

    Henry Porch Cast

  4. Photo of Brian Chin

    Brian Chin Cast

  5. Photo of Cheryl Hudock

    Cheryl Hudock Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre DeCelles

    Pierre DeCelles Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Smith

    Jim Smith Production Design, Screenplay Cast

  8. Photo of Lynne Naylor

    Lynne Naylor Production Design and Cast

  9. Photo of Bob Camp

    Bob Camp Production Design, Screenplay Cast

  10. Photo of Vanessa Coffey

    Vanessa Coffey Executive Producer

  11. Photo of John A. Bushelman

    John A. Bushelman Editing

  12. Photo of Steven Nafshun

    Steven Nafshun Editing

  13. Photo of Charlie Brissette

    Charlie Brissette Sound

  14. Photo of Irv Nafshun

    Irv Nafshun Sound

  15. Photo of Bob Jaques

    Bob Jaques Animation

  16. Photo of Kelly Armstrong

    Kelly Armstrong Animation

  17. Photo of Dave Feiss

    Dave Feiss Animation

  18. Photo of Ron Zorman

    Ron Zorman Animation

  19. Photo of Andy Bartlett

    Andy Bartlett Animation

  20. Photo of Moose Pagan

    Moose Pagan Animation