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  1. Photo of Alfonso Brescia

    Alfonso Brescia Director

  2. Photo of Ciro Ippolito

    Ciro Ippolito Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Piero Regnoli

    Piero Regnoli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Silvio Fraschetti

    Silvio Fraschetti Cinematography

  5. Photo of Malisa Longo

    Malisa Longo Cast

  6. Photo of Mario Merola

    Mario Merola Cast

  7. Photo of Biagio Pelligra

    Biagio Pelligra Cast

  8. Photo of Nunzio Gallo

    Nunzio Gallo Cast

  9. Photo of Elio Zamuto

    Elio Zamuto Cast

  10. Photo of Marina Viviani

    Marina Viviani Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Ricciardi

    Walter Ricciardi Cast

  12. Photo of Lucio Montanaro

    Lucio Montanaro Cast

  13. Photo of Ciro Giorgio

    Ciro Giorgio Cast

  14. Photo of Fabiola Toledo

    Fabiola Toledo Cast

  15. Photo of Lina Franchi

    Lina Franchi Cast

  16. Photo of Salvatore Puccinelli

    Salvatore Puccinelli Cast

  17. Photo of Letizia D'Adderio

    Letizia D'Adderio Cast

  18. Photo of Carlo Broglio

    Carlo Broglio Editing

  19. Photo of Romeo Costantini

    Romeo Costantini Production Design

  20. Photo of Eduardo Alfieri

    Eduardo Alfieri Music

  21. Photo of Valeria Valenza

    Valeria Valenza Costume Design