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  1. jehki's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    A great concept, at first this film is great fun with great characters and good fun. But at some point the jokes start repeating themselves. The finale is again fun and crazy, there's just one hour too much before you get there.

  2. lostlevel's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Pretty fun I quite enjoyed the slow creep toward silliness.

  3. lou.'s rating of the film Big Man Japan

    BIG WTF?! I honestly don't know what to think... this is waaay tooo much weird. I'm not used to this crazy Japanese imagery. Nevertheless, I have to say there are some bittersweet moments and some others that are absolutely funny, but I can't really tell. Monsters are definitely super-duper monstrous, no doubt that's a goal. Most likely, the director fed me bullshit extravaganza.

  4. cristobal's rating of the film Big Man Japan

  5. DrFirestone's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    This film is something else... So many genres, feelings, emotions put together - and it works, creating unique experience. I loved the deadpan humour. I have to say, however, some early monster fights are rather disappointing, Big Man Japan went for some easy kills ;) Some scenes are hilarious (in a good way), especially grandpa or the baby monster.

  6. filmingilman's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    I was in love with the idea - a mockumentary about a (less than) ordinary man who fights monsters both literal and self-created, but the execution wasn't there. Like Scabbard Samurai, which I felt was much better, the ending felt tacked on. My 8-year old loved the CG monster scenes, and wanted me to give it 5*. Well, when you get your own MUBI account you can rate things whatever you like you ungrateful litt

  7. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Big Man Japan

  8. msmichel's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    When concentrating on its sad sack excuse of a hero Matsumoto's faux-doc on a kaiju fighting loser is often entertaining and humorous. What takes away from the film, as it did on first view in '07 as well, is it's intentional crappy monster effects and an ending that has to be seen to be believed. The film wears out its welcome and what could have been biting satire winds up as silly as an Ultraman episode.

  9. Fabian's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    De las mejores películas que he visto. Bizarra, mounstruos enormes, carcajada segura, documental.

  10. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    The Finnish prog rock band Moon Fog Prophet has a great album called “The Superhero tired of constantly saving the world”. You see a kind of fatigue in Big Man Japan also; the weary, last of its kind superhero battling (live on TV) the most silly giant creatures and getting a bad rap both from TV viewers and producers. More tragic than funny, but above all weird. And the end, my friend, the end is like a nightmare.

  11. altrap's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    As always story matters and style itself doesn't make a movie. So where's the story here?

  12. Оксана Анатольевна's rating of the film Big Man Japan

  13. Daishi's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Hitoshi Matsumoto is the most famous comedian in Japan. I love his sense of comedy. But this awful movie is disappointing. He seems to destroy his great career by making absurd movie.

  14. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Bizarre? Weird? Macabre? Can't decide. But it was certainly boring.

  15. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    That's a Matsumoto at heart, alright. Despite all the good intentions, the movie is never funny enough nor is the main character interesting enough. However, his movies always have great endings and this one is no different! Great soundtrack, too. I just think the symbolism is a bit too covered up by the crazy story.

  16. Thom Whyte's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    I like the idea of this movie more than the actual execution. Matsumoto playing it straight is easily the best thing and the mockumentary aspect, the deadpan humour is great. Unfortunately the monster sequences, of which there are many, just didn't do it for me. Can understand why others enjoy it and it definitely has smarts. But overlong and at times boring, I think there's a better movie in there somewhere.

  17. David R Williams's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Nobody does weird like the Japanese. Love the Ultraman references at the end and the Stink Monster mating ritual. You will either love this or (like my wife) stare at it with total lack of comprehension. Here's a review:

  18. walt colburn's rating of the film Big Man Japan

  19. Adam S. Hacker's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    I appreciate the very candid nature of Big Man Japan. All of his reactions and indirect answers to questions – very Japanese and true to life. Without reading too much into this story, I enjoyed watching Big Man Japan walk a line of much responsibility and little respect. It was a goofy film and it served its purpose.

  20. JoeBradford's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    At times hilarious, well directed, and very WTF. An ending that seems to overshadow the entire movie seems to make sense once analyzed from the perspective on Japan's view of the West, alluded to earlier in the film.

  21. BJ Holmes's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Very artistic mockumentary, centered on the generational gaps in J-pop culture. Dark comedy... Very entertaining, slight replay value.

  22. Nick Potter's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Big Man Japan walks the fine line of being both a very funny mockumentary and an exceptionally clever kaiju film, playing with the notions of the stereotypical giant monster picture. Hitoshi Matsumoto is magnificent on screen, behind the camera, and on the page. The characters, while fantastical, still feel fairly human, and even depressing at times. More than pleasant discovery.

  23. Khoury Johnson's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    This movie provided more questions in answers. The problem is that the questions weren't particularly important or interesting.

  24. Mauriki's rating of the film Big Man Japan

    Un más que épico final.....

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