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  1. Simone Giordano's rating of the film Big Miracle

    Film adatto agli amanti degli animali. Non è sicuramente ciò che definirei un capolavoro, ma fa il suo dovere intrattenendo ed emozionando.

  2. atacamavandu's rating of the film Big Miracle

  3. J. O.'s rating of the film Big Miracle

    With a so-so director at the helm of another "based on a true story" family tales, this film could have easily fallen into PG purgatory. Despite the fact that the film never reconciles one ultra-liberal character's slights against traditional values and hunter/harvester lifestyles, it was still rather enjoyable. Great photography at times, great locations, and some genuine cuteness. Loved the 80s look, too.

  4. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Big Miracle

    A truly delightful family film based on a true and heartwarming story, brought with lots of humour based on the very likable characters portrayed by Krasinski and Barrymore both oozing screen charisma.

  5. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Big Miracle

    As a fellow Alaskan I can admire Hollywood's respectful treatment of my state. But like a documentary (with famous people) goes through the motions of what happened. The performances are adequate with Barrymore surprisingly the weakest.

  6. Scottie Ferguson's rating of the film Big Miracle

    Meh. It's leftist propaganda (which I have no problem with- hell, that's probably my favorite thing about the film) but unfortunately that's suffocated beneath all the sentimentality and emotional manipulation.

  7. vordven's rating of the film Big Miracle

  8. Cassandra Niki's rating of the film Big Miracle

    Could've done much better, as the comment below says, it is strangely paced. Had some touchy moments, but didn't seem to wow me at all.

  9. kacey's rating of the film Big Miracle

    Emotionally manipulative, strangely paced, and a terribly done mesh-up of old news clips with new footages. But gosh darn, was it fun to yell out "WHALES!!!!" like an idiot every time a whale was on screen.