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  1. Photo of Uri Gavriel

    Uri Gavriel Cast

  2. Photo of Moshe Ivgy

    Moshe Ivgy Cast

  3. Photo of Zadok Zarum

    Zadok Zarum Cast

  4. Photo of Jocko Arkin

    Jocko Arkin Cast

  5. Photo of Yehudit Millo

    Yehudit Millo Cast

  6. Photo of Makram Khoury

    Makram Khoury Cast

  7. Photo of Shmuel Umani

    Shmuel Umani Cast

  8. Photo of Reuven Dayan

    Reuven Dayan Cast

  9. Photo of Shoshana Doar

    Shoshana Doar Cast

  10. Photo of Adam Tson

    Adam Tson Cast

  11. Photo of Jacob Goldwasser

    Jacob Goldwasser Director