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  1. Photo of John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Director and Music

  2. Photo of Gary Goldman

    Gary Goldman Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Z. Weinstein

    David Z. Weinstein Screenplay

  4. Photo of W.D. Richter

    W.D. Richter Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kurt Russell

    Kurt Russell Cast

  6. Photo of Kim Cattrall

    Kim Cattrall Cast

  7. Photo of Dennis Dun

    Dennis Dun Cast

  8. Photo of James Hong

    James Hong Cast

  9. Photo of Victor Wong

    Victor Wong Cast

  10. Photo of Kate Burton

    Kate Burton Cast

  11. Photo of Donald Li

    Donald Li Cast

  12. Photo of Carter Wong

    Carter Wong Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Kwong

    Peter Kwong Cast

  14. Photo of James Pax

    James Pax Cast

  15. Photo of Suzee Pai

    Suzee Pai Cast

  16. Photo of Chi Chao Li

    Chi Chao Li Cast

  17. Photo of Dean Cundey

    Dean Cundey Cinematography

  18. Photo of Alan Howarth

    Alan Howarth Music

  19. Photo of John J. Lloyd

    John J. Lloyd Production Design

  20. Photo of Larry J. Franco

    Larry J. Franco Producer

  21. Photo of Keith Barish

    Keith Barish Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Paul Monash

    Paul Monash Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Steve Mirkovich

    Steve Mirkovich Editing

  24. Photo of Mark Warner

    Mark Warner Editing

  25. Photo of Edward A. Warschilka

    Edward A. Warschilka Editing

  26. Photo of April Ferry

    April Ferry Costume Design