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  1. Photo of Robert Boussinot

    Robert Boussinot Screenplay

  2. Photo of Catherine Breillat

    Catherine Breillat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Nahum

    Jacques Nahum Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pierre Louÿs

    Pierre Louÿs Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francis Lai

    Francis Lai Music

  6. Photo of Bernard Daillencourt

    Bernard Daillencourt Cinematography

  7. Photo of Henri Colpi

    Henri Colpi Editing

  8. Photo of Claire Painchault

    Claire Painchault Editing

  9. Photo of David Hamilton

    David Hamilton Producer and Director

  10. Photo of Sylvio Tabet

    Sylvio Tabet Producer

  11. Photo of Patti D'Arbanville

    Patti D'Arbanville Cast

  12. Photo of Mona Kristensen

    Mona Kristensen Cast

  13. Photo of Bernard Giraudeau

    Bernard Giraudeau Cast

  14. Photo of Mathieu Carrière

    Mathieu Carrière Cast

  15. Photo of Gilles Kohler

    Gilles Kohler Cast

  16. Photo of Irka Bochenko

    Irka Bochenko Cast

  17. Photo of Jacqueline Fontaine

    Jacqueline Fontaine Cast

  18. Photo of Marie-Thérèse Caumont

    Marie-Thérèse Caumont Cast

  19. Photo of Germaine Delbat

    Germaine Delbat Cast

  20. Photo of Madeleine Damien

    Madeleine Damien Cast

  21. Photo of Camille Larivière

    Camille Larivière Cast

  22. Photo of Catherine Leprince

    Catherine Leprince Cast

  23. Photo of Jane Buckle

    Jane Buckle Cast