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Ratings & Reviews

  1. William's rating of the film Billy Jack Goes to Washington

    Following the incredible Trial of Billy Jack with a (Frank Capra Jr. sanctioned!) remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington seems just the right sort of insane for Tom Laughlin & co., but the result is sadly straightforward and bland. If the Mr. Smith concept had been the starting point for the wild tangents of the previous Billy Jack film, this could have been glorious. Also: the fight scene here seems regressive.

  2. Cole Caudle's rating of the film Billy Jack Goes to Washington

    Making a pacifist action movie is hard. The message of the film is that Billy can change the world without using his lethal feet; however, it is the lethal feet we are all waiting for him to use. If only Billy had gone on a vision quest and met Lincoln, then we would have a true classic on our hands.