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  1. Photo of Carmine Gallone

    Carmine Gallone Director

  2. Photo of Ugo Betti

    Ugo Betti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mario Brancacci

    Mario Brancacci Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arnaldo Fraccaroli

    Arnaldo Fraccaroli Screenplay

  5. Photo of Anton Giulio Majano

    Anton Giulio Majano Screenplay

  6. Photo of Cesare Zavattini

    Cesare Zavattini Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lilia Silvi

    Lilia Silvi Cast

  8. Photo of Andrea Checchi

    Andrea Checchi Cast

  9. Photo of Lauro Gazzolo

    Lauro Gazzolo Cast

  10. Photo of Paolo Stoppa

    Paolo Stoppa Cast

  11. Photo of Maurizio D'Ancora

    Maurizio D'Ancora Cast

  12. Photo of Olinto Cristina

    Olinto Cristina Cast

  13. Photo of Edda Albertini

    Edda Albertini Cast

  14. Photo of Aristide Baghetti

    Aristide Baghetti Cast

  15. Photo of Guglielmo Barnabò

    Guglielmo Barnabò Cast

  16. Photo of Mimì Dugini

    Mimì Dugini Cast

  17. Photo of Anchise Brizzi

    Anchise Brizzi Cinematography

  18. Photo of Eldo Di Lazzaro

    Eldo Di Lazzaro Music

  19. Photo of Gastone Medin

    Gastone Medin Production Design

  20. Photo of Eraldo Da Roma

    Eraldo Da Roma Editing