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  1. Photo of King Vidor

    King Vidor Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Wells Root

    Wells Root Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wanda Tuchock

    Wanda Tuchock Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leonard Praskins

    Leonard Praskins Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dolores del Río

    Dolores del Río Cast

  6. Photo of Joel McCrea

    Joel McCrea Cast

  7. Photo of Lon Chaney Jr.

    Lon Chaney Jr. Cast

  8. Photo of John Halliday

    John Halliday Cast

  9. Photo of Bert Roach

    Bert Roach Cast

  10. Photo of Wade Boteler

    Wade Boteler Cast

  11. Photo of Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher

    Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher Cast

  12. Photo of Arnold Gray

    Arnold Gray Cast

  13. Photo of Reginald Simpson

    Reginald Simpson Cast

  14. Photo of Napoleon Pukui

    Napoleon Pukui Cast

  15. Photo of Agostino Borgato

    Agostino Borgato Cast

  16. Photo of Sofia Ortega

    Sofia Ortega Cast

  17. Photo of Lucien N. Andriot

    Lucien N. Andriot Cinematography

  18. Photo of Max Steiner

    Max Steiner Music

  19. Photo of Carroll Clark

    Carroll Clark Production Design

  20. Photo of David O. Selznick

    David O. Selznick Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Archie Marshek

    Archie Marshek Editing

  22. Photo of Clem Portman

    Clem Portman Sound