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  1. Photo of István Szaladják

    István Szaladják Director

  2. Photo of István Major

    István Major Producer

  3. Photo of András Muhi

    András Muhi Producer

  4. Photo of István Szaladják

    István Szaladják Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francisco Gozon

    Francisco Gozon Cinematography

  6. Photo of Alexander Markov

    Alexander Markov Cast

  7. Photo of Danyiil Oszipov

    Danyiil Oszipov Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Ovakimjam

    Robert Ovakimjam Cast

  9. Photo of Polja Vorobljova

    Polja Vorobljova Cast

  10. Photo of Ágnes Völler

    Ágnes Völler Editing

  11. Photo of Attila Kohári

    Attila Kohári Sound

  12. Photo of Zoltán Vadon

    Zoltán Vadon Sound

  13. Photo of Rudolf Várhegyi

    Rudolf Várhegyi Sound

  14. Photo of Szilvia Ritter

    Szilvia Ritter Costume Design