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  1. Maoolina Fajrini's rating of the film Birdman

    I regret myself for watching this film in 2018, after 4 years being released. It's such a great film. Michael Keaton Played his portrayal of an actor with a high-functioning depression impressively.

  2. Erik F.'s rating of the film Birdman

  3. Claire Wongsutin's rating of the film Birdman

  4. gaussian's rating of the film Birdman

  5. Simone Giordano's rating of the film Birdman

    Fantastico film alla ricerca dell'attore, del teatro e quindi del cinema.

  6. thmslhr's rating of the film Birdman

    As a pure cinematic experience I really liked it. But I have a really hard time getting emotionality invested in the characters or anything else. Which is too bad since the acting is on point. I was immersed and detached at the same time. My opinion might chance on a second viewing.

  7. caprica_six's rating of the film Birdman

    Closer to a 2 1/2 I guess but god, how'd this win best picture?

  8. Ryan Christopher Coleman's rating of the film Birdman

    good. why are naomi and emma's characters dwarves of actual people?

  9. Ryan O'Connor's rating of the film Birdman

    The composition is given important significance in Birdman because of the fact that it appears to have been shot in one take. This means that before hand each way the frame will look has to be carefully thought out like when the main character appears trapped by colorful lights or when two characters are underneath a bed sheet, in their own tiny world. Characters are also positioned as being very small in background.

  10. bucharestaesthetics's rating of the film Birdman

  11. Shawn Adams Sagen's rating of the film Birdman

  12. cinebaby's rating of the film Birdman

    3.5: Not my favorite (probably wouldn't watch again)

  13. Popy's rating of the film Birdman

    La scène des méduses continue de susciter mille interprétations en moi, récit génial sur le processus et l'exigence de la création.

  14. lidiishere's rating of the film Birdman

    is it just me, or this film's boring? :/

  15. Philippe Lajède's rating of the film Birdman

  16. Paul Relf's rating of the film Birdman

    What begins as pretty funny and entertaining dark comedy by the end becomes a pretty sobering account of mental illness.

  17. Phat Nguyen's rating of the film Birdman

    Nếu nói theo trải nghiệm cá nhân thì Birdman là bộ phim thứ hai sau Black Swan khiến tôi muốn và sẽ coi lại nhiều lần. Cả hai đều nói về thân phận con người trên sân khấu, được diễn tả theo lối kể chân thực và phi thực, đơn giản và phức tạp. Birdman là câu chuyện của nhiều cá thể cùng lao vào một cuộc phiêu lưu trên một sợi dây giữa siêu thực và hiện thực, vô nghĩa và hữu nghĩa.

  18. VB1's rating of the film Birdman

    A film with great performances and a highly entertaining gimmick that easily overcome what might be seen as a convoluted plot, turning it into a nail biting story of inner conflict. While watching more and more classics I'm also taken by the respect this film pays to the history of cinema, from Renoir & poetic realism to Hitchcock's meta, this is a film for film lovers.

  19. niktioc's rating of the film Birdman

    It's an entertaining film, but so are all the other soulless blockbusters it constantly feels the need to bash, in order to enable an undeserved sense of superiority for anyone who claims this to be a masterpiece. It does have entertaining moments, and it does have the standard, safe, cynical commentary- but in the end, that's all it is. Iñárritu then went on to make The Revenant so maybe it is just a joke. (3.5)

  20. harringtonellie's rating of the film Birdman

    I mean if you ask me honestly, I wasn't really feeling it. I've heard plenty of people say 'You either get it or you don't' and I don't know, maybe I didn't, but I also just didn't feel anything about it apart from a raging lady-boner for Edward Norton. Cinematography was beautiful and Emmanuel Lubezki is a genius but other than that, I gotta admit, the struggle was real, but maybe thats the point? Fuck knows.

  21. Stefano Campagna's rating of the film Birdman

  22. anacecil's rating of the film Birdman

    Los premios Oscar son desconcertantes. No me gustó el tema, no me pareció buena la actuación. Creo que lo único bueno, fue que lo ganó un Mexicano.

  23. Christian's rating of the film Birdman

  24. arcondicionado's rating of the film Birdman

    i don't remember why i liked it so much but i really did

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