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  1. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Birdsong

    Since when is minimalism so cheap that they can all fly to Iceland for the first scenes, but can't even pop for some fucking camels? It's fun and boring at the same time, but please don't load it up with Straub-Huillet theory--it deserves its own philo-theolo inspections--and some god-damned camels, Serra, you cheap fuck. Didn't you see the movies?

  2. Eriugena82's rating of the film Birdsong

    Birdsong is a film which, although interesting at points, also tested my patience. In some places it was agonisingly slow; in others it was quite beautiful, but as with many of these deliberately slow films it is the overall effect which leaves an impression... It is a film situated half-way between Divine grace and utter absurdity - which I suppose was the point. I was torn between giving it 2 or 3 stars

  3. DSPRKY's rating of the film Birdsong

    This is a film of many contradictions. Contemplative, cynical, wryly funny, spiritual, boring (yes, I said it), sumptuous.

  4. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Birdsong

    I recently signed up to write about Serra's latest (Louis XIV), so I figure it's high time I check out his earlier films. First up: Birdsong, whose many ardent admirers appreciate its empty vastnesses, its oblique piss-take on a too-told tale, and the cryptic not-quite slapstick of its cloud-addled kings, see something deeper and finer in it than I was able to make out. More muttering among the holy clowns, please.

  5. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Birdsong

  6. traag-1's rating of the film Birdsong

    Think Soderbergh's Gerry but with the 3 wise men.

  7. fedeyeah's rating of the film Birdsong

  8. Absentia's rating of the film Birdsong

  9. Des Horne's rating of the film Birdsong

    I was surprised to find that this was actually a religious film. Love the Catalan-Hebrew mashup.

  10. Admir U Gomila Nacrta's rating of the film Birdsong

  11. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film Birdsong

    Mindnumbingly slow. It would have worked better as a short(er) movie. The images certainly are beautiful, but a tad hollow, since there's not much context for them. What impressed me the most was the sound. The wind, the water, the rattling of dead leaves and sand, the silence. Truly remarkable. Without dialogues it would have been more solemn. The 3 Wise Kings were too whiny.

  12. Joel's rating of the film Birdsong

    Albert Serra's films require a considerable amount of work. But they are rich in a way few other films are. The line about finding the wonder in things transforms the film into a meditation on life and beauty. A profound experience of quiet meditation.

  13. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Birdsong

    Times of Jesus were certainly boring, and here's a film to prove it. Very nice, but sooooo booooooring!

  14. Charlie's rating of the film Birdsong

    Me pareció un poco lenta, pero me gustó mucho la fotografía y la poesía en varias escenas. Es una película casi muda, no necesita palabras para contarse.

  15. Casanorte's rating of the film Birdsong

    Ésta es una película abusiva. El director y guionista es un abusivo. Tomas increíbles y una que otra metáfora de las que abusa una y otra vez sin ningún escrúpulo. 90 minutos que parecen horas. Es insufrible.

  16. Cavale's rating of the film Birdsong

    A biblical mumble-core film

  17. Jason's rating of the film Birdsong

    It is heartening to see demystification pushed so far without sublimity being compromised. Exquisite.

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Birdsong

    I remember the screening at TIFF'08 that became a test in audience patience. The number of walk outs became comical and took focus off the slow moving but rewarding film unfolding. Seeing the film again now one marvels at the simplicity of the familiar story and the rich b&w cinematography but can't help but wonder exactly what the point of the film may be. That was a question the director didn't shed light on.

  19. Paolo Odoardi's rating of the film Birdsong

  20. legrandcalmar's rating of the film Birdsong

    J'ai préféré me laisser vaincre par le sommeil plutôt que de subir plus longtemps cette mauvaise expérience cinématographique.

  21. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Birdsong

    draws a new line between myth, farce and high seriousness - immersing the viewer in what is less a search for a deity, as the elderly patriarchs' cumbersome scavenge for the divine. the palpable rediscovery of the senses is returned to the patient viewer, as it is to the three pursuers - "If you look carefully... you'll discover certain things." Friend, did you look carefully?

  22. ajdehany's rating of the film Birdsong

    Amusing, or agonising, super-stretching of an iconoclastic gag about realism and myth. Beckettians will find hilarious.

  23. F.Bieberkopf's rating of the film Birdsong

    The quintessential 'time-image' film.

  24. Algitya's rating of the film Birdsong

    A reinterpretation of the famous nativity story ever that wouldn't bring you any enlightenment but the stunning initiative itself.

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