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Ratings & Reviews

  1. keith's rating of the film Birdy

    It deals with all the cliches about growing up, families, the Vietnam war and comes out laughing. Amazing!

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Birdy

    En fait, le rêve / cauchemar d'un jeune garçon, excellemment interprété par Matthew Modine, (sur)vivant ailleurs, qui se regarde sans déplaisir...

  3. DaisyJ's rating of the film Birdy

    That ending though..."what?"

  4. Cesar Vega R.'s rating of the film Birdy

    Una razón más por la cuál ustedes deberían dejar de odiar a Nicolas Cage. Que rara y genial película.

  5. sónia fialho's rating of the film Birdy

  6. lauli's rating of the film Birdy

    The movie is full of cliches and weaknesses, but i did like Matthew Modine's performance. I think he's been sadly underestimated as an actor. Contrary to Nicholas Cage, who might be the most overrated ever.

  7. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Birdy

    Long and a touch boring in places i really couldnt relate to the film at all despite Cage and Modine giving good performances

  8. Berjuan's rating of the film Birdy

    You know how there are all those quirky independent films about weird people? Well, they're all pretty much bull shit compared to this Birdy. Birdy is the real thing.

  9. Hector Camero's rating of the film Birdy

    Unbelievable. Parker spends two hours telling us how absent-minded Birdy is. The use of flashbacks wasn't worth at all. When the screenplay doesn't know where to go next, tries to sell us how terrible Vietnam was! It rejects the value of their own story. Didn't connect with Cage nor Modoni. Terrible ending, didn't fit La Bamba with two guys trying to a story which basically was from a man desiring to Fly!

  10. Anita Laura's rating of the film Birdy

    yo jodo con los finales, ya se, pero este final me encanta! y más por que es al compáz de "la bamba" :)

  11. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Birdy

    Incredibly touching story about two friends whose lives were destroyed by war. Alan Parker's direction is flawless, as well as the performances and the soundtrack. An emotional roller coaster ride that feels more genuine every time.