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  1. Photo of Awaludin

    Awaludin Director

  2. Photo of Ali Shahab

    Ali Shahab Director

  3. Photo of Sofia Amang

    Sofia Amang Cast

  4. Photo of Robby Hart

    Robby Hart Cast

  5. Photo of Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch

    Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch Cast

  6. Photo of Baron Hermanto

    Baron Hermanto Cast

  7. Photo of Deddy Mudjito

    Deddy Mudjito Cast

  8. Photo of Azwar Noor

    Azwar Noor Cast

  9. Photo of Ami Priyono

    Ami Priyono Cast

  10. Photo of Kiki S.

    Kiki S. Cast

  11. Photo of Suhaimi Said

    Suhaimi Said Cast

  12. Photo of Djohan Subandrio

    Djohan Subandrio Cast

  13. Photo of Dicky Suprapto

    Dicky Suprapto Cast

  14. Photo of F.X. Sutono

    F.X. Sutono Cast

  15. Photo of Mieke Wijaya

    Mieke Wijaya Cast