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  1. DenoResandono's rating of the film Bitter Coffee

    SECANGKIR KOPI PAHIT is a unique movie from director Teguh Karya. It uses a non-linear narrative to tell its story. A newcomer Alex Komang has gave an extraordinary performance in this movie. Mr. Karya tackles some themes like culture, social, politics, and racial issues into an exciting character study. SECANGKIR KOPI PAHIT maybe not as great as his other movies. But it perfectly captured the reality of life...

  2. lndah's rating of the film Bitter Coffee

    "Jakarta bukan ukuran sukses."

  3. Yuki Aditya's rating of the film Bitter Coffee

    Oddly, I knew this film from the Sight and Sound film poll, where it's the only Indonesian film picked by one critic whose name I barely even remember. The storytelling and non-linear narrative are still fresh seen by today's standard. And Teguh Karya is until now the most acclaimed Indonesian director whose films were success at the box office and at the same time highly praised by critics.