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  1. Photo of Takeshi Sasaki

    Takeshi Sasaki Producer

  2. Photo of Yoshishige Yoshida

    Yoshishige Yoshida Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Maeda Yôichi

    Maeda Yôichi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Toichiro Narushima

    Toichiro Narushima Cinematography

  5. Photo of Masahiko Tsugawa

    Masahiko Tsugawa Cast

  6. Photo of Michiko Saga

    Michiko Saga Cast

  7. Photo of Hiroko Sugita

    Hiroko Sugita Cast

  8. Photo of Yamagami Teruyo

    Yamagami Teruyo Cast

  9. Photo of Reiko Hitomi

    Reiko Hitomi Cast

  10. Photo of Sumiko Hidaka

    Sumiko Hidaka Cast

  11. Photo of Yoshi Sugihara

    Yoshi Sugihara Editing

  12. Photo of Nobutaka Yoshino

    Nobutaka Yoshino Production Design

  13. Photo of Hikaru Hayashi

    Hikaru Hayashi Music

  14. Photo of Nakamura Hiroshi

    Nakamura Hiroshi Sound