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  1. Mal du siècle's rating of the film Bitter Money

    I'm so mixed about this one. the portrait of the immigrants was well made, the images were great and the people were treated with respect. the domestic violence scenes however, made absolutely no sense to me. for once, they were completely disconnected with the rest of the film and they didn't seem to have any hidden moral behind them. they were just graphic, horrendous real images of a woman being beaten

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Bitter Money

  3. mono.micha's rating of the film Bitter Money

    Es sind ganz verschiedene Eindrücke, die mich an Wang Bings Dokumentarfilm BITTER MONEY nicht mehr loslassen. Stärker übrigens, als das bei TA'ANG der Fall war, schon weil ich hier die Kamera viel interessanter finde. Es geht um prekäre Arbeitsverhältnisse: Leute aus den ländlichen Gegenden reisen in die Großstadt Textilfabrik ~ Weiter hier:

  4. Absentia's rating of the film Bitter Money