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  1. Photo of Denise Filiatrault

    Denise Filiatrault Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Daniel Louis

    Daniel Louis Producer

  3. Photo of Denise Robert

    Denise Robert Producer

  4. Photo of Pierre Mignot

    Pierre Mignot Cinematography

  5. Photo of Pascale Bussières

    Pascale Bussières Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Barrette

    Michel Barrette Cast

  7. Photo of Serge Postigo

    Serge Postigo Cast

  8. Photo of Denis Bernard

    Denis Bernard Cast

  9. Photo of Noémie Yelle

    Noémie Yelle Cast

  10. Photo of Johanne-Marie Tremblay

    Johanne-Marie Tremblay Cast

  11. Photo of Adele Reinhardt

    Adele Reinhardt Cast

  12. Photo of Lise Dion

    Lise Dion Cast

  13. Photo of Nathalie Mallette

    Nathalie Mallette Cast

  14. Photo of Chantal Baril

    Chantal Baril Cast

  15. Photo of Normand Chouinard

    Normand Chouinard Cast

  16. Photo of Charles-André Bourassa

    Charles-André Bourassa Cast

  17. Photo of Ariel Gendron

    Ariel Gendron Cast

  18. Photo of Martin Cloutier

    Martin Cloutier Cast

  19. Photo of Tony Robinow

    Tony Robinow Cast

  20. Photo of Jacques Girard

    Jacques Girard Cast

  21. Photo of Paul Doucet

    Paul Doucet Cast

  22. Photo of Frédéric Desager

    Frédéric Desager Cast

  23. Photo of Pierre Collin

    Pierre Collin Cast

  24. Photo of Martin Lacrocque

    Martin Lacrocque Cast

  25. Photo of Patrick Labbé

    Patrick Labbé Cast

  26. Photo of Yvann Thibaudeau

    Yvann Thibaudeau Editing

  27. Photo of Normand Sarazin

    Normand Sarazin Production Design

  28. Photo of Jean Robitaille

    Jean Robitaille Music

  29. Photo of Sébastien Robitaille

    Sébastien Robitaille Music

  30. Photo of Denis Sperdouklis

    Denis Sperdouklis Costume Design