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Ratings & Reviews

  1. melly's rating of the film Battle for Sevastopol

    A rare subject matter and a leading actress of great potential (Peresild is perfect as the stoic sniper heroine!) are squandered in this hot mess of a movie. Quality whiplash abound: visceral battle scenes crescendo with pop music, & genuinely poignant scenes are bookended by painfully trite ones. If you want an Ostfront flick with (halfway) decent story and characters, you're better off watching Enemy at the Gates.

  2. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Battle for Sevastopol

    -And how many men have you killed? -Not a man; fascists... 309.

  3. MarcW's rating of the film Battle for Sevastopol

    What an opportunity for a truly cinematic biopic ... sadly the best sniper scenes and most beautiful scenes are ruined by a clip like editing and pop music. Additionally these interruptions by the meeting with Elanor may be of a goodwill, as it shows her historic sinificance, but are murdering the dramatic potential of the film and of the great lead. :-(.