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  1. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Biutiful

  2. Edward Morris's rating of the film Biutiful

  3. Yulia's rating of the film Biutiful

    underrated masterpiece

  4. Luke Shanahan's rating of the film Biutiful

    Bardem's portrayal of the struggle to be a reliable father whilst navigating life in turmoil is unquestionably authentic. Iñárritu's blend of fantasy and realism is surprisingly cohesive: Uxbal leads others to the afterlife but his own spiritual journey is wrought with failure. It's often unclear who exploits who. The film asks if kindness can exist under capitalist oppression. The answer is bleak, and complex.

  5. mis marg's rating of the film Biutiful

    All the right ingredients to tempt,& take one into incomer societies to which any extent of access is uncommon. Emotive moments had me in tears... Of the moral, personal, familial and societal stories here - the whinge of the money grabbing, face bashing young policeman that smirked and took and gave no fuck had least appeal, along with general slavery shenanigans. The psychic, stricken Uxbal was toweringly awesome!

  6. Alice Blackwood's rating of the film Biutiful

    4.5. Bardem delivers an absolutely heartrending performance as a dying father trying to break free of his criminal past and find people he can trust with his children's future. Most beautiful in this film were the scenes between the children and will they remember this when they are older? How do you leave them feeling loved and cared for? Points off for the psychic sub-plot, which seemed unnecessary.

  7. Kcatta's rating of the film Biutiful

    It's one of the saddest films i've ever seen. :( Beautiful photography.

  8. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Biutiful

    Difficult to describe as it feels as close to experiencing a transition from life to death as any film I’ve watched. Bodies on the wall. Faces in the mirror. Family trips and warehouses. Moments between a father and daughter. Forgiveness. Butterflies. His wife’s enigmatic nose. Trash-strewn streets. Gay Chinamen. A blanket of snow and the ‘sound of a salt sea that was one there, and is now gone’.

  9. F&A's rating of the film Biutiful

    One of the saddest, heartrending stories ever! Being a father myself, I just could't but stay motionless, deeply affected and heartbroken after watching this inconceivably melancholic drama. Inarritu's excessively melodramatic screenplay, the (whole casts') realistic acting, the editing, the music, the camera's focus, the close ups; all add up to maximise the dramatic effect that hits the depths of the human psyche.

  10. Fiona's rating of the film Biutiful

    Utterly gut wrenching. Exploring themes of mortality and money, struggle and survival; Iñárritu skillfully weaves moments of beauty amongst the festering underworld of exploitative labour. Bardem gives a staggering performance, tender yet plagued by pain and remorse.

  11. Steve's rating of the film Biutiful

    Deeply moving and heartbreaking. Bardem and the kids performances are excellent. This is one that’ll stay with me for days.

  12. Henry12345's rating of the film Biutiful

    One mark of a good film is empathy; this film is literally overflowing with it. Beautifully humane, tender, compassionate filmmaking. Affirms my thesis that the more films you watch, the more socialist you become. Bardem is exceptional. A very overlooked film that is probably Iñarittu's best work.

  13. John G's rating of the film Biutiful

    Not an easy watch, but certainly a worthwhile one, touching on issues as diverse as family, poverty, corruption, death and many more. It’s long, perhaps a tad overly so, but it’s kept going largely by incredible performances, especially from Bardem himself.

  14. SiIencio's rating of the film Biutiful

    Typical Iñarritu. Mix of shocking topics thrown at you in lightning succession. The ubiquitous flabbergasted feeling might lead you into thinking that something of transcendent value was on offer here but think twice, you were taken for a ride, used and squeezed emotionally. After the brutal shock wave you innocently believed you were elevated to higher realms. It was mainly pants, even the title is spelt wrong fgs!

  15. Aleks's rating of the film Biutiful

    Dad, how do you spell beautiful? Uxbal hasn’t got the time to explain properly because he’s busy sorting his affairs. This captivating story of one man’s gift and life purpose has left me feeling grateful for what I have. Iñárritu is a master of the details, the film keeps you the viewer fully involved in the emotion, in the middle of Bardem’s performance and presence on screen. Loved it. 4.5 stars.

  16. h.barnett's rating of the film Biutiful

    incredible performances, wonderfully directed, deeply depressing (in a good way)

  17. Xiang Li's rating of the film Biutiful

    Many themes were discussed but they barely cohere together nor got properly developed. Beautiful cinematoghraphy and amazing performance of Javier Bardem.

  18. rustyjames21's rating of the film Biutiful

    Powerful. Not a film that you could say you enjoyed. I was left gasping with sadness at some moments - a basement full of the recent dead, a daughter hugging her dying father. Amidst the bleakness, I appreciated the few moments of tenderness, particularly those involving Igi. Did she leave?

  19. Jack Malone's rating of the film Biutiful

    This film has an excellent performance by Bardem and cohorts. This is a unique look at Barcelona's criminal underworld and human trafficking. It also showed us how Capitalism can still instil a sense of terror, likened to that of the Communist leadership in the North of Spain. The sense of terror is excellent in the sense of the cinematography and that all the characters are unique in their own flawed way of being.

  20. Andy's rating of the film Biutiful

    I grew attached to this movie!

  21. Christine Wei's rating of the film Biutiful

    Dad, how to spell "beautiful"? Like that, like it sounds.

  22. Gerhard Siete's rating of the film Biutiful

    Excellent combination Iñarritu & Bardem.

  23. Sharon Hinds's rating of the film Biutiful

    When does trying to do the right thing; in a few seconds, leads you to make a decision that is not only devastating, but impacts on those around you with insurmountable conquences. Biutiful illustrates how choices can so easily impact on your life and the lives of others in ways that you could never have foreseen.

  24. Juan Pablo's rating of the film Biutiful

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