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  1. Photo of Antony Balch

    Antony Balch Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of John Eliot

    John Eliot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Martin Locke

    Martin Locke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maureen Owen

    Maureen Owen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alfred Mazure

    Alfred Mazure Screenplay

  6. Photo of Richard Schulman

    Richard Schulman Cast

  7. Photo of Cathy Howard

    Cathy Howard Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Frost

    Maria Frost Cast

  9. Photo of Elliott Stein

    Elliott Stein Cast and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Valentine Dyall

    Valentine Dyall Cast

  11. Photo of Anthony Rowlands

    Anthony Rowlands Cast

  12. Photo of Dorothy Grumbar

    Dorothy Grumbar Cast

  13. Photo of Sylvia Delamere

    Sylvia Delamere Cast

  14. Photo of Mike Britton

    Mike Britton Cast

  15. Photo of Janet Spearman

    Janet Spearman Cast

  16. Photo of Reid Anderson

    Reid Anderson Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Carlisle

    Peter Carlisle Cast

  18. Photo of Stephen Preston

    Stephen Preston Cast

  19. Photo of David McDonald

    David McDonald Cinematography

  20. Photo of Richard Gordon

    Richard Gordon Executive Producer

  21. Photo of John Rushton

    John Rushton Editing

  22. Photo of Roderick Hay

    Roderick Hay Sound

  23. Photo of Richard King

    Richard King Sound