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  1. Photo of Kaneto Shindô

    Kaneto Shindô Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Terutake Tsuji

    Terutake Tsuji Cast

  3. Photo of Nobuko Otowa

    Nobuko Otowa Cast

  4. Photo of Kazuki Minabuchi

    Kazuki Minabuchi Cast

  5. Photo of Leo Morimoto

    Leo Morimoto Cast

  6. Photo of Ryoko Sano

    Ryoko Sano Cast

  7. Photo of Shin Takuma

    Shin Takuma Cast

  8. Photo of Ichirô Zaitsu

    Ichirô Zaitsu Cast

  9. Photo of Hisashi Igawa

    Hisashi Igawa Cast

  10. Photo of Ryuzo Tanaka

    Ryuzo Tanaka Cast

  11. Photo of Maiko Kawakami

    Maiko Kawakami Cast

  12. Photo of Kotoe Hatsui

    Kotoe Hatsui Cast

  13. Photo of Yoshiyuki Miyake

    Yoshiyuki Miyake Cinematography

  14. Photo of Hikaru Hayashi

    Hikaru Hayashi Music

  15. Photo of Jiro Shindo

    Jiro Shindo Producer