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  1. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Black Book

    Paul Verhoeven's film works on multiple levels. On one level, it is a really good WWII era thriller. On another, it is a political statement on the cyclical nature of violence. And on a third level, it is a giant middle finger to Oscarbatory war films, exposing them as petty, melodramatic vulgarity. I loved this film!

  2. EdieEmm's rating of the film Black Book

    Complicated. and always risky to foreground human ambiguity this way, in situations we prefer to see - or at least are used to seeing - in black & white. (That last scene, eg). The fight for nuance is not unimportant, these days.... Cleverly done, verging on Von Trier manipulativeness/cynicism but staying always humanistic. Borrows every trick in Hollywood, & somehow subtly subverts each one. Leaves lots to muse on.

  3. James Mackin's rating of the film Black Book

    Excellent film, maybe Verhoeven's best. Certainly a rough one.

  4. Kodan's rating of the film Black Book

    Amidst the violence, I’ll remember the film for it’s amusing, spirited moments: dyeing pubic hair, a playful kiss between strangers, the singing. Carice van Houten’s performance is magnetic.

  5. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Black Book

    This was a good date movie. Nice to see Verhoeven in good form at this point in his career. It's got those darn Nazis, who have the habit of just being evil for no good reason. It has lots of twists and turns. It's very sexy. Most of Verhoeven's best films were done when he was starting out. This is a crowd pleaser.

  6. Renton47's rating of the film Black Book

    And now I see that Verhoeven's emergence as a humanist of the Renoir variety began here. If Elle is his Rules, this must be Illusion, one of the most defined pieces of straight-up classical filmmaking this century. Classical in its depiction of reality through an idealistic (tho cynical) lens, a clockwork thriller with thoroughly attuned eye for character, pacing, composition. Nothing new, but a formal delight.

  7. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Black Book

    Jane [wartime cartoon] with balls? A bracingly visceral narrative propelled with a typically prowling Verhoevian eye: sweeping choreography, spiky detail and earthy delights. Moral relativism and opportunism is the raison d'etre here, thrillingly cutting through most cliches, although not a couple of finales too many. More satisfying than arch compatriots The Damned, Salon Kitty & Inglorious Basterds on most counts.

  8. Nachtreich's rating of the film Black Book

  9. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film Black Book

  10. marco's rating of the film Black Book

  11. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Black Book

  12. Rosina Rossini's rating of the film Black Book

    Don't bother with this one. It doesn't cover any aspect of the resistance that hasn't been covered already. A clumsily made thriller, at best.

  13. Tibulle85's rating of the film Black Book

    (Vu en DVD) Un film haletant - entre aventure, espionnage et film de guerre - avec une héroïne ultra-charismatique! On ne s'ennuie pas une seconde. Pour son retour aux Pays-Bas, Verhoeven délaisse (par la force des choses?) son approche frontale de la violence et de la sexualité; mais s'il montre moins, son scénario en devient presque davantage tortueux et sadique: l'héroïne en voit vraiment de toutes les couleurs!

  14. NICOLE86's rating of the film Black Book

    It would have been extremely better if black smoke came out of Carice van Houten's vagina and just killed Hitler... It had a great beginning but towards the end it fell flat

  15. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Black Book

    Hmm.. well made but forgettable.

  16. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Black Book

    "Men are simple" she says. Well... perhaps in love and war...

  17. melly's rating of the film Black Book

    Contrived and lacking a strong plot, it's a femme fatale Inglorious Basterds minus the wit and performances. Nothing particularly memorable here, besides perhaps Van Houten's striking beauty (how easily she fits into the era!). Try Valkyrie for a better modern WW2 thriller; the two films share many of the same actors, to boot.

  18. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Black Book

    Electric thriller, absolute fantastic and smart, fast editing with no room, Carice van Houten as a PERFECT bombshell, set in WWII. You need more?

  19. DJSE's rating of the film Black Book

  20. DrFirestone's rating of the film Black Book

    Interesting story set during World War II. It's a love story, thriller, action film that explains how complicated the situation was back then (end of the war), how far from heroism war can be, and how unstable our human nature is. Good cast and solid performances. Unfortunately, some scenes don't work well, humour feels forced and out of place, certain characters rather stereotypical. Overall it's a good film.

  21. Tja's rating of the film Black Book

    Convincing freedom fighter v Nazi pigs WW2 realism with a few credible plot twists. Plenty of action as befits the genre/period.

  22. raggiodisole's rating of the film Black Book

    Stirring stuff. well told story, suitably twisty-turny for an espionage movie, and a fantastic lead performance.

  23. ofNatalie LA's rating of the film Black Book

    It looks pretty good, script isn't even bad but the story is sooo poor. Inglorious Basterds this ain't.

  24. Nathan's rating of the film Black Book

    A capable crime thriller set during Nazi occupation of Holland. It will never be the most profound piece of cinema but it is none the less well crafted and an enjoyable watch easily transporting you into the lives and torments of those who inhabit this piece of history.

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