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Ratings & Reviews

  1. mpho3's rating of the film Black Butterflies

    Black Butterflies is kind of a hot mess, just like Jonkers apparently was. She had a complex persona with many demons. The title is from a poem in which she describes the bodies of slain Black children after an Apartheid-era massacre. I'm not sure whether I appreciated van Houten's performance, but Hauer is fantastic as is the cinematography. The film doesn't work, though it has piqued my interest in her poetry.

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Black Butterflies

    Biopic of Ingrid Jonker unfortunately fails to engage despite a strong performance by Carice van Houten. Disjointed narrative and hackneyed script does the film no favours either just solidifies the lack of narrative poetry in a film that should embrace it. Biccari's camerwork is quite striking but director van der Oest seems out of her comfort zone here.

  3. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Black Butterflies

    Nice Biopic with nice visuals that make you want to visit S. Africa. van Houten and Cunningham give good performances but Rutger Hauer is devastating, especially in the last 45 min.

  4. Benjamin's rating of the film Black Butterflies

    There is nothing in this film. NOTHING. It's directed with no personnality, no point of view, no identity. The script is built like 90% of the basics hollywood-writers stories...

  5. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Black Butterflies

    van Houten is good, except when she's playing histerical, which is half the time...

  6. comeandsee's rating of the film Black Butterflies

    carice van houten is perhaps the most exciting european actress at the moment. her ability to crawl inside characters, and not betray even the smallest piece of artifice is beyond stunning. liam cunningham plays the perfect support, as he has done for most of his long and illustruous career. the visuals are solid, and the direction is build around the performance of van houten to maximise her potential.