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  1. Photo of Umberto Lenzi

    Umberto Lenzi Director

  2. Photo of Gaetano Russo

    Gaetano Russo Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Fred Williamson

    Fred Williamson Cast

  4. Photo of Bruno Bilotta

    Bruno Bilotta Cast

  5. Photo of Bobby Rhodes

    Bobby Rhodes Cast

  6. Photo of Elena Wiedermann

    Elena Wiedermann Cast

  7. Photo of Maurice Poli

    Maurice Poli Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Brown

    Richard Brown Cast

  9. Photo of Elisabeth Lewis

    Elisabeth Lewis Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Powell

    Walter Powell Cast

  11. Photo of Angelo Ragusa

    Angelo Ragusa Cast

  12. Photo of Roy Vauchan

    Roy Vauchan Cast

  13. Photo of Michelle Goldsmith

    Michelle Goldsmith Cast

  14. Photo of John Wyler

    John Wyler Cinematography

  15. Photo of Detto Mariano

    Detto Mariano Music

  16. Photo of Vanio Amici

    Vanio Amici Editing