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  1. Photo of Luis Saslavsky

    Luis Saslavsky Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Cocteau

    Jean Cocteau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles de Peyret-Chappuis

    Charles de Peyret-Chappuis Screenplay

  4. Photo of María Félix

    María Félix Cast

  5. Photo of Rossano Brazzi

    Rossano Brazzi Cast

  6. Photo of Vittorio Gassman

    Vittorio Gassman Cast

  7. Photo of José María Lado

    José María Lado Cast

  8. Photo of Antonia Plana

    Antonia Plana Cast

  9. Photo of Avelino Santana

    Avelino Santana Cast

  10. Photo of Manuel Arbó

    Manuel Arbó Cast

  11. Photo of Antonia Herrero

    Antonia Herrero Cast

  12. Photo of Félix Fernández

    Félix Fernández Cast

  13. Photo of Concha López Silva

    Concha López Silva Cast

  14. Photo of Casimiro Hurtado

    Casimiro Hurtado Cast

  15. Photo of Carmen Moreno

    Carmen Moreno Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio L. Ballesteros

    Antonio L. Ballesteros Cinematography

  17. Photo of Juan Quintero

    Juan Quintero Music

  18. Photo of Enrique Alarcón

    Enrique Alarcón Production Design

  19. Photo of Cesáreo González

    Cesáreo González Producer and Executive Producer

  20. Photo of José Antonio Rojo

    José Antonio Rojo Editing

  21. Photo of Juan Lacomba

    Juan Lacomba Costume Design