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  1. Photo of Heather Murphy

    Heather Murphy Cast

  2. Photo of Natasha Talonz

    Natasha Talonz Cast

  3. Photo of Christine Svendsen

    Christine Svendsen Cast

  4. Photo of Erika Branich

    Erika Branich Cast

  5. Photo of Precious Cox

    Precious Cox Cast

  6. Photo of Martin Boone

    Martin Boone Cast

  7. Photo of John Osteen

    John Osteen Cinematography and Editing

  8. Photo of The Giallos Flame

    The Giallos Flame Music

  9. Photo of Shawn Lewis

    Shawn Lewis Executive Producer, Producer Screenplay

  10. Photo of Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis Editing and Director

  11. Photo of Mitch Mayes

    Mitch Mayes Costume Design, Screenplay Production Design