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  1. Photo of Jeta Amata

    Jeta Amata Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Dede Mabiaku

    Dede Mabiaku Producer and Cast

  3. Photo of Suzanne DeLaurentiis

    Suzanne DeLaurentiis Producer

  4. Photo of Wilson Ebiye

    Wilson Ebiye Producer

  5. Photo of Hakeem Kae-Kazim

    Hakeem Kae-Kazim Producer and Cast

  6. Photo of Bayo Sorungbe

    Bayo Sorungbe Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Walter Wagbastoma

    Walter Wagbastoma Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Joel Christian Goffin

    Joel Christian Goffin Music

  9. Photo of James M. Costello

    James M. Costello Cinematography

  10. Photo of Lindsay Kent

    Lindsay Kent Editing

  11. Photo of Adam Varney

    Adam Varney Editing

  12. Photo of Gershom Hyldreth

    Gershom Hyldreth Production Design

  13. Photo of Martin Kittappa

    Martin Kittappa Sound

  14. Photo of Mbong Amata

    Mbong Amata Cast

  15. Photo of Tom Sizemore

    Tom Sizemore Cast

  16. Photo of Vivica A. Fox

    Vivica A. Fox Cast

  17. Photo of Billy Zane

    Billy Zane Cast

  18. Photo of Joy Gohring

    Joy Gohring Cast

  19. Photo of Sarah Wayne Callies

    Sarah Wayne Callies Cast

  20. Photo of Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen Cast

  22. Photo of Tessa Munro

    Tessa Munro Cast

  23. Photo of Everton Lawrence

    Everton Lawrence Cast

  24. Photo of Fred Amata

    Fred Amata Cast

  25. Photo of Ken Garcia

    Ken Garcia Cast

  26. Photo of Ibrahim Aba-Gana

    Ibrahim Aba-Gana Cast

  27. Photo of Johanna Rosie

    Johanna Rosie Cast

  28. Photo of Nathin Butler

    Nathin Butler Cast