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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    A scary war horror movie about what happens when one goes into a weapon conflict in a different world. Editing, music and direction is top notch and makes one feel in the middle of this chaos of hunger, violence, madness and gruesome violence in one of the more realistic street fighting action sequences I have seen. It doesn't have a happy American ending either where they solve all the world's problems.

  2. Tibulle85's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    (Revu en DVD) 3,5/5 - Un film de guerre qui m'avait marqué à sa sortie. Le film demeure impressionnant et efficace dans ses scènes de combats à proprement parler. Néanmoins, les séquences introductives (d'exposition des enjeux et des personnages avant la castagne) m'ont semblé bien longuettes, et j'ai (de nouveau) été gêné par le traitement totalement asymétriques entre soldats américains et combattants somaliens...

  3. Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Gritty and realistic as hell but yeah, it kinda glorifies war. But so does many films released before and after this one. But this film really puts you out there and never lets you down (only the Black Hawk is. ha!). The viewer is stuck as a mere helpless observant of everything. It is a terrifying spectacle of action with a well developed cast of characters. The chaos is beautifully directed by Scott.

  4. R's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    a botched operation just like real life

  5. James Mackin's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    I do not like this film. It is bad.

  6. DSPRKY's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Pretty awful, and it comes across as more than a little racially insensitive.

  7. Elia Canevascini's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Il nero non si capisce cosa dica.

  8. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    When Scott pits the Americans and Somalis in a room to talk, it starts to elevate itself. However, it goes back to being a not bad, but pretty standard war movie. Even though there were good moments (Orland Bloom falling out of a helicopter, the soldier that becomes deaf), it wasn't as harrowing as it could be. I wish they would've dramatized the dragging the soldiers through the streets.

  9. ionosonde's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    didn't really do much for me. a relatively uninteresting war movie. super uncomfortable with how they portrayed the somalians, too.

  10. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    It's too long by a fair margin and, bizarrely, the stakes lower as the mayhem intensifies. Still, there's a straightforward bravado and kineticism to the filmmaking that I deeply respect. It's impressive to think of the effect this must have had on the AAA gaming industry.

  11. Thomas's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Formulaic, glorified American patriotism. Overlong and uninteresting.

  12. DrFirestone's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    The cinematography is solid, visually impressive, great music and sound. It's a decent action/war film, however, about halfway it starts to drag a bit, especially the fighting scenes. Classic American heroes killing the bad guys scenario, well... in this particular case it's Delta Force vs men in flip flops + AK-47 supported by women and children and also a few Toyota pickup trucks. K/D: 1000-19: result!

  13. Roshan Abeysekera's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    A portrait of the dizzying whirlwind of modern warfare taken unapologetically from the American point of view.

  14. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    No blacks (only one and no main character) in US troops? What the hell? You even got two brits and one australian actor portraying american patriots. Said that, it's a very bad and superficial war movie, seems like some script that came out of the game Call of Duty safra. Three stars only for the electrifying battle scenes and the cinematography. With a budget like this one, something got to work it out...

  15. Steve G.'s rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    The dreadful first 40 minutes, hideous portrayal of Somalis, awful dialogue and terrible accents from the sizeable British contingent suggest to me that this is probably an appalling film. But when there was shooting going on, this was a terrific war action film.

  16. Chris's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    kinda boring, too cheesily patriotic, etc. etc.

  17. raggiodisole's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Not sure you could have done anything better with the source material. God bless America and its ability to turn continual military ignominy into blockbusting entertainment

  18. Waxed's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    The A-Team but with blood.. Infinite ammo and lots of bad guys falling over.. AMERICA F%^K YEAH....

  19. George Khayat's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    I would say lay aside the obvious unpalatable American patriotism bigotted blend that whirls through this movie, but I won't! Nonetheless, the action sequences are acutely well shot and drip with Scott's undeniable technical and visual prowess. Great ensemble cast - Bana and McGregor in particular.

  20. Superfrog's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    I mind the contents, and the presentation of the contents. And the fact that this is all really boring.

  21. Linda's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    2.5 stars. no US movie about war without pathos, that makes me wanna puke (the music, the speaches and soooo on). all the pretty white boys and ONE black US soldier.. well at least he lived in the end. however, the movie shows the catastrophic and horrible mess that is war. makes you think about arms exports a lot...

  22. PanelSystem's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Truly dreadful: acting, score, dialogue, racism. Expensive, crass, gung-ho filmmaking. The opening montage of colour-tinted famine to grand music sets the tone. The American Heroes are clones; the Somalis cannon fodder. This steals 'Saving Private Ryan's visual style, but has none of that film's intelligence, ambiguity, emotion or character. BHD is about killing as many bad guys as possible, while yelling cliches.

  23. 'king Harold's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    Like Zulu all over again; Africans reduced to nameless hordes while the plucky allies go down like heroes to a stirring musical score. Its historical fact is just an excuse to revel in military hardware and the tearing of flesh. We do it for each other they say, losing sight of everything.

  24. nickolia's rating of the film Black Hawk Down

    watchable, but with the inevitable descent into patriotic apple pie messages (and music) at the end.

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