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  1. Pan32's rating of the film Black Heaven

    Eclectic who done it borrowing from the 30s _Hardy Boys_, twin crime fighting teens book series, and brought up to date with a _Tron_ like computer gaming plot, and even throwing in a bit of James Dean and the game of automotive chicken for excitement and to relate it more closely to the teens out for kicks theme as these teens are into pot and making out beyond the Hardy boys wildest dreams.

  2. mpho3's rating of the film Black Heaven

    This film left such a bad taste in my mouth. Leprince-Ringuet has no range at all. Marion's father and brother were unnecessary to the story. I had a hard time believing the thugs and kids would get so chummy. Ludo was annoying. The pacing was awful. And honestly, what was the point of it all? The VR stuff was interesting. I'll give it that but pretty much nothing else.

  3. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Black Heaven

  4. Louís Wisoczynski's rating of the film Black Heaven

    i loved the photograph. very good history, there's a lot of emotions, but it has a bored ending