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  1. Photo of Macoto Tezuka

    Macoto Tezuka Director

  2. Photo of Satoshi Kuwahara

    Satoshi Kuwahara Director

  3. Photo of Osamu Tezuka

    Osamu Tezuka Screenplay

  4. Photo of Akio Ôtsuka

    Akio Ôtsuka Cast

  5. Photo of Yûko Mizutani

    Yûko Mizutani Cast

  6. Photo of Yuko Sato

    Yuko Sato Cast

  7. Photo of Tomohiro Takahashi

    Tomohiro Takahashi Cinematography

  8. Photo of Akihiko Matsumoto

    Akihiko Matsumoto Music

  9. Photo of Minoru Kubota

    Minoru Kubota Producer

  10. Photo of Michihiko Suwa

    Michihiko Suwa Producer

  11. Photo of Tomoyuki Saito

    Tomoyuki Saito Producer

  12. Photo of Sumio Udagawa

    Sumio Udagawa Producer

  13. Photo of Takayuki Matsutani

    Takayuki Matsutani Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Shinya Koishikawa

    Shinya Koishikawa Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Seiji Morita

    Seiji Morita Editing

  16. Photo of Motoi Izawa

    Motoi Izawa Sound

  17. Photo of Sachiko Kaminura

    Sachiko Kaminura Animation