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  1. Photo of Orson Welles

    Orson Welles Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Charles Bennett

    Charles Bennett Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alexandre Dumas père

    Alexandre Dumas père Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Schayer

    Richard Schayer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Nancy Guild

    Nancy Guild Cast

  6. Photo of Akim Tamiroff

    Akim Tamiroff Cast

  7. Photo of Frank Latimore

    Frank Latimore Cast

  8. Photo of Valentina Cortese

    Valentina Cortese Cast

  9. Photo of Margot Grahame

    Margot Grahame Cast

  10. Photo of Stephen Bekassy

    Stephen Bekassy Cast

  11. Photo of Berry Kroeger

    Berry Kroeger Cast

  12. Photo of Gregory Gaye

    Gregory Gaye Cast

  13. Photo of Raymond Burr

    Raymond Burr Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Goldner

    Charles Goldner Cast

  15. Photo of Lee Kresel

    Lee Kresel Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Atkins

    Robert Atkins Cast

  17. Photo of Nicholas Bruce

    Nicholas Bruce Cast

  18. Photo of Franco Corsaro

    Franco Corsaro Cast

  19. Photo of Annielo Mele

    Annielo Mele Cast

  20. Photo of Ronald Adam

    Ronald Adam Cast

  21. Photo of Bruce Belfrage

    Bruce Belfrage Cast

  22. Photo of Alexander Danaroff

    Alexander Danaroff Cast

  23. Photo of Leonardo Scavino

    Leonardo Scavino Cast

  24. Photo of Tamara Shayne

    Tamara Shayne Cast

  25. Photo of Joop van Hulzen

    Joop van Hulzen Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Trent

    Peter Trent Cast

  27. Photo of Giuseppe Varni

    Giuseppe Varni Cast

  28. Photo of Tatyana Pavlova

    Tatyana Pavlova Cast

  29. Photo of Ubaldo Arata

    Ubaldo Arata Cinematography

  30. Photo of Anchise Brizzi

    Anchise Brizzi Cinematography

  31. Photo of Otello Martelli

    Otello Martelli Cinematography

  32. Photo of Paul Sawtell

    Paul Sawtell Music

  33. Photo of Gregory Ratoff

    Gregory Ratoff Producer and Director

  34. Photo of Edward Small

    Edward Small Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Fred R. Feitshans Jr.

    Fred R. Feitshans Jr. Editing

  36. Photo of James C. McKay

    James C. McKay Editing

  37. Photo of Renzo Lucidi

    Renzo Lucidi Editing

  38. Photo of Rolf Epstein

    Rolf Epstein Sound

  39. Photo of Peter Handford

    Peter Handford Sound