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  1. Photo of Andy On

    Andy On Cast

  2. Photo of Jon Polito

    Jon Polito Cast

  3. Photo of Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins Cast

  4. Photo of Traci Lords

    Traci Lords Cast

  5. Photo of Tobin Bell

    Tobin Bell Cast

  6. Photo of Tyler Mane

    Tyler Mane Cast

  7. Photo of Andrew Bryniarski

    Andrew Bryniarski Cast

  8. Photo of Terence Yin

    Terence Yin Cast

  9. Photo of Ko Shau Lieng

    Ko Shau Lieng Cast

  10. Photo of Teresa Herrera

    Teresa Herrera Cast

  11. Photo of Rob Van Dam

    Rob Van Dam Cast

  12. Photo of Sean Marquette

    Sean Marquette Cast

  13. Photo of Oris Erhuero

    Oris Erhuero Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Allen Mukes

    Robert Allen Mukes Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Bailey Smith

    Michael Bailey Smith Cast

  16. Photo of Silvio Simac

    Silvio Simac Cast

  17. Photo of Hark Tsui

    Hark Tsui Director and Producer

  18. Photo of Jeff Black

    Jeff Black Screenplay

  19. Photo of Charles Cain

    Charles Cain Screenplay

  20. Photo of J.M. Logan

    J.M. Logan Music

  21. Photo of Wong Wing-Hung

    Wong Wing-Hung Cinematography

  22. Photo of William Yim

    William Yim Cinematography

  23. Photo of Angie Lam

    Angie Lam Editing

  24. Photo of Marco Mak

    Marco Mak Editing

  25. Photo of Bill Lui

    Bill Lui Production Design