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  1. kartina obskura's rating of the film Black Panthers

  2. DrFirestone's rating of the film Black Panthers

    This is Agnès Varda's film that resonates with me the least so far. Nonetheless, it still has that so unique to Varda warmth and empathy. At times, it feels so familiar, and at times so distant - The Black Panther movement so relevant and so outdated at the same time. It's a charming time capsule, a 28 minute long glimpse into 1968.

  3. Esteban Marrón Argueta's rating of the film Black Panthers

  4. Alex Meire's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Good short portrait of the movement, with brushstrokes of political, media and community action, electoral program, chants and fashion, leaders and public, myth and current events, the difficult balance between peace and violence, and how it all, still, goes on. 60's car phone included.

  5. jsbrocka's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Even after over 50 years, this crisp documentary of the Black Panther Party "Free Huey" Protests has not lost any of its riveting power in capturing the fury of the black rights movement. By practicing the utmost restraint in its narrative style, this piece of history remains frighteningly relevant in today's political and social climate.

  6. Ingrid Btz's rating of the film Black Panthers

    It's a important and historical register, it's good that the Black Panthers let Agnès Varda enter in their space so intimate, very generous of the two parties. Each part it's interesting, good edition.

  7. sanqfroid's rating of the film Black Panthers

    I enjoyed this important piece of documentary. The editing and transitions, the candid interviews, the hues of resistance, the rare glimpses and insights into the political movement, and Varda's disposition to give these black revolutionaries a platform to voice their manifesto against the racist violence committed by the arms of the state are worth mention. It's a time capsule for our trying times today.

  8. Neeratyoy Mallik's rating of the film Black Panthers

    When film-making is used as a medium for storytelling, it allows an immense expanse of how the story is told. Through hand-held cameras, curiously inattentive zooms and pans while interviewing people, the edits to partially break the linearity of time briefly, Varda aptly captures her pursuit to know more about the Black Panther party and its movement. More so, its constituent people.

  9. mahmoodxfazal's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Varda's portrait of the Black Panther protest during Huey P Newton's incarceration is a timely reminder of how oppressed peoples can achieve justice with a fistful of hope.

  10. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Fascinating historical document. At only 28 minutes, Varda introduces key members of Panther Party (Cleaver, Newton), the Ten-Point plan and the party's commitment to gender equality (leaders' darker behaviours notwithstanding). Protest against Newton's murder case seems to foreshadow similar poltical complexity surrounding the O.J. trial. Love, love, love Kathleeen Cleaver talking about the natural hair movement.

  11. Lauren Ginn's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Less stylized than other Varda films, for a strong purpose: to give the Black Panthers themselves a vessel by which their message can be heard. A beautiful snapshot of a very specific time for the Panthers and the Bay Area.

  12. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Un movimiento civil estadounidense, que es necesario conocer, queda bien documentado en muchos aspectos y asume una cara de la discriminación y la violencia del estado por la vía de las armas. De lo más valioso es la mirada acerca del control social por medio de la imagen física: reproducir los modelos de los caucásicos como alisarse el una mirada fresca en el momento en el que ocurrió

  13. tubbssw's rating of the film Black Panthers

    It could have been shot in 2019.

  14. Luis Scazufca's rating of the film Black Panthers

    watching this after seeing BlacKkKlansman. very powerful and beautiful. as current in 2019 as it was in 1968.

  15. Juan Javier's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Algo escueto, pero valioso.

  16. DebraM's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Another Varda documentary that shines like a diamond while delivering the gut punch that it is still relevant and necessary fifty years on.

  17. katballo's rating of the film Black Panthers

    wow just imagine agnes varda in the thick of these scenes recording them.. powerful enough without a narrator

  18. fgonzalezse's rating of the film Black Panthers

  19. Pegarange's rating of the film Black Panthers

    7/10. Better than the Marvel film.

  20. Renton47's rating of the film Black Panthers

    You come to a Varda film excepting to hear her voice, here she (rightfully) steps aside. As one of the linked reviews notes her eagerness to understand is palpable, even in the narration I appreciated it taking their position (not filtering with "two-sides" propaganda). Otherwise, I didn't need persuading but loved the emphasis on the faces and places 3.5

  21. carf's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Para mi gusto: Excelente documental, que en el momento de su creación, 1968, debe haber producido bastante revuelo. Es muy interesante ver desde adentro, cómo se organizó la comunidad "negra" y escuchar a referentes como Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver, y al mismo Huey Newton. Valiosísimo material!

  22. Epinephrin's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Interesting and very informative.

  23. dionysus67's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Less visually captivating compared to other Varda documentaries, this one displays, nonetheless, her exceptional command over a relatively closed milieu. Here the rally to free Huey Newton turns into a mini-kaleidoscopic view of black identity politics. Far from being glamorized Black Panthers are portrayed as resolute in how they challenge hegemonic white racial frames, ranging from labor rights to beauty standards.

  24. Francisco Real's rating of the film Black Panthers

    Un valioso documento histórico, a pesar de su sencillez y de lo corto que resulta ante un material tan importante.

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