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  1. Photo of Toma Janić

    Toma Janić Director

  2. Photo of Jug Grizelj

    Jug Grizelj Screenplay

  3. Photo of Severin Bijelić

    Severin Bijelić Cast

  4. Photo of Mihajlo Viktorovic

    Mihajlo Viktorovic Cast

  5. Photo of Milan Ajvaz

    Milan Ajvaz Cast

  6. Photo of Franjo Tuma

    Franjo Tuma Cast

  7. Photo of Milivoje Jevremović

    Milivoje Jevremović Cast

  8. Photo of Rajko Jovanović

    Rajko Jovanović Cast

  9. Photo of Zdravko Romanović

    Zdravko Romanović Cast

  10. Photo of Stevan Momčilović

    Stevan Momčilović Cast

  11. Photo of Zoran Ibisbegović

    Zoran Ibisbegović Cast

  12. Photo of Predrag Džudović

    Predrag Džudović Cast

  13. Photo of Slobodan Džudović

    Slobodan Džudović Cast

  14. Photo of Josip Tomić

    Josip Tomić Cast

  15. Photo of Đorđe Jelisić

    Đorđe Jelisić Cast

  16. Photo of Eduard Bogdanić

    Eduard Bogdanić Cinematography

  17. Photo of Bojan Adamič

    Bojan Adamič Music

  18. Photo of Veselin Badrov

    Veselin Badrov Production Design

  19. Photo of Ruzica Cvingl

    Ruzica Cvingl Editing

  20. Photo of Ljubomir Petek

    Ljubomir Petek Sound