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  1. Jason's rating of the film Black Peter

    I would eagerly direct young prospective filmmakers to look at BLACK PETER and LOVES OF A BLONDE. Carefully, repeatedly. They serve as a peerless masterclass on how to make popular entertainment that is also socially engaged art and do so w/ next to no resources. There is in BLACK PETER a wily celebration of the tendency of youth to renounce fatuous ideological programming and to champion the art of lollygagging.

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Black Peter

    New Blu-ray release with improved subtitles.

  3. redux's rating of the film Black Peter

    Finding yourself in a world populated by annoying weirdos, young and old. Teen syndrome or Soviet Block inevitability? Forman's film walks a moebius where trivialities acquire political meaning at every turn, but in the end it's a perfect simulation of the pre-adult gaze.

  4. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Black Peter

  5. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Black Peter

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Black Peter

    Fraîcheur et renouveau du cinéma tchèque sur la thématique de l'apprentissage de la vie d'un jeune garçon coincé entre des parents rigides et rétrogrades et sa naturelle gaucherie induite par de maladroits et limités questionnements existentiels et affectifs, souvent inconscients, informulés, face au monde des adultes, forcément suranné, restrictif, martien

  7. marco's rating of the film Black Peter

  8. Лиич's rating of the film Black Peter

    Coming of age in Czechia. The language is funny. This movie inspired "Varljivo leto '68".

  9. francisca bacon's rating of the film Black Peter

    firemen and their femmes/flammes . thy hand is my caress . gotta love firemen's fantasies.

  10. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Black Peter

    Un humor sobrio, a veces algo ridículo, se desprende de este filme que tiene cotidianidad. Un adolescente se encamina a ser un adulto en medio de una República Checa que por entonces se soltaba sutilmente del autoritarismo socialista. Es un filme poco conservador en un mundo que está dejando se serlo, al menos su juventud.

  11. Armina Stepan's rating of the film Black Peter

    Such a graceful and honest portrayal of youth! I love all of the characters - no rebellion, just subtle alienation. Well done.

  12. StellaWasaDiver's rating of the film Black Peter

    I'm sure this was as good as, if not better than, Loves of a Blonde; unfortunately, the only copy I could procure only had about 2/3 of the dialogue translated, so I missed out on a lot of what makes Forman's films so enjoyable. A lot of the film seemed similar to LOAB: teens awkwardly socializing and arguing with their parents, the big town dance, etc.

  13. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Black Peter

    I wasn't touched by BLACK PETER as much as I was by LOVES OF A BLONDE and THE FIREMEN'S BALL, Milos Forman's next Czech films. I had the impression that the film was more a succession of little scenes than a film as a whole. Petr at the beach, Petr at the ballroom, Petr at the store and Petr at home could have been four interesting short films. A DVD zone completists.