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  1. Photo of Bruce Beresford

    Bruce Beresford Director

  2. Photo of Jake Eberts

    Jake Eberts Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Denis Héroux

    Denis Héroux Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Executive Producer, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert Lantos

    Robert Lantos Producer

  6. Photo of Sue Milliken

    Sue Milliken Producer

  7. Photo of Stéphane Reichel

    Stéphane Reichel Producer

  8. Photo of Peter James

    Peter James Cinematography

  9. Photo of Lothaire Bluteau

    Lothaire Bluteau Cast

  10. Photo of Aden Young

    Aden Young Cast

  11. Photo of Sandrine Holt

    Sandrine Holt Cast

  12. Photo of August Schellenberg

    August Schellenberg Cast

  13. Photo of Tantoo Cardinal

    Tantoo Cardinal Cast

  14. Photo of Tim Wellburn

    Tim Wellburn Editing

  15. Photo of Herbert Pinter

    Herbert Pinter Production Design

  16. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  17. Photo of Billy Two Rivers

    Billy Two Rivers Cast

  18. Photo of Lawrence Bayne

    Lawrence Bayne Cast

  19. Photo of Harrison Liu

    Harrison Liu Cast

  20. Photo of Wesley Côté

    Wesley Côté Cast

  21. Photo of Frank Wilson

    Frank Wilson Cast

  22. Photo of François Tassé

    François Tassé Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Brousseau

    Jean Brousseau Cast

  24. Photo of Yvan Labelle

    Yvan Labelle Cast

  25. Photo of Raoul Trujillo

    Raoul Trujillo Cast

  26. Photo of James Bobbish

    James Bobbish Cast

  27. Photo of Denis Lacroix

    Denis Lacroix Cast

  28. Photo of Gilles Plante

    Gilles Plante Cast

  29. Photo of Gordon Tootoosis

    Gordon Tootoosis Cast

  30. Photo of Marthe Turgeon

    Marthe Turgeon Cast

  31. Photo of C

    C Cast